End-User License Agreement Summary

Last Updated: 12 November 2017

The following document provides a plain English summary of the terms that apply to our provision of services and material and the requirements of you to use them. These terms are backed by our End-User Licence Agreement, Privacy Policy, Data Protection Policy, Cookie Policy and ultimately our Safeguarding Policies. The policies referred to in this document can be found here, along with our Terms & Conditions.

By registering an account, using the site and ultimately joining the programme you agree to the End-User Licence Agreement and associated policies referred to above. If you break the rules outlined below and in the detailed policies referred to above, we may suspend your access to the service and in severe cases refer information to the relevant legal authorities.

Who can use our Services

To make use of this service you must match one of the following criteria:

  • Be a student in school, or be being home-schooled in the equivalent of years 10-13. You may consent to the terms of this agreement only if you are age 13 or older.
  • Be a parent, teacher or volunteer. You agree to the checks required to comply with our safeguarding policy and will provide full and accurate information. You may or may not be accepted to become a full club leader based on the information you provide and DBS checks.

When you register you are required to give accurate information about yourself for purposes of safeguarding.

How your Data will be used

The data you provide will be used by us for administration of the programme and to help identify opportunities for our users to learn more about cyber security. As per our Privacy Policy (see link above), data you provide to us will not be sold, or shared with third parties for marketing purposes. Where required, for the running of the service and The Programme, the data will be shared between the appointed consortium members. This will not be for any reason other than running the Programme and delivering the advertised service.

You may be contacted from time to time and offered opportunities to participate in additional relevant activities or services based on your performance in the programme. As part of our platform and communication policy you may configure which communications you do not wish to receive, although you are required to receive account and security related messages in order to use the service.

Any data that you share with us through registration or throughout the entirety of the programme will be kept for 5 years or until your account is terminated, whichever is longer. This data will be used for the purposes of the programme to develop cyber security talent. As a student we will respect your right to be forgotten and you may notify us that you wish to remove your account and data from the programme and service. If you notify us through the support channel we will remove your account and personal information prior to the timeframes above. As a club leader you may request account termination, however while your account may be disabled we will preserve your data for the purposes of safeguarding and any future requirement to identify you.


By registering an account and agreeing to the End-User Licence Agreement we will provide you with access to our online service which contains training material, challenges and games. The programme consists of several stages and, based on your performance compared to other users, you may be invited to participate in more or fewer of these stages.

Post registration and using your account to access the service and materials, you will be provided with material and tools that, applied un-ethically or without consideration, could result in violation of (amongst others) the Computer Misuse Act 1990. By using our services you agree that you will not use any of the information provided, tools or techniques against other individuals or organisations without consent to do so.

By using our services you agree that you will comply with our Policies and Terms & Conditions and that failure to do so could result in termination of your access, or sharing of your information with the relevant legal authorities. Examples of abuse include launching a denial of service or purposeful attempts to disrupt the service.

Our online services and any face-to-face activities as a part of the programme to which you may be invited include training material, challenges and games. By registering an account and providing accurate account details you will be given access to this material free of charge. You may use the platform to learn more about cyber security and develop your skills. You are not permitted to copy any of the material outside of our services to share with others, for profit or otherwise.

As a club leader, guiding others through the service, you are permitted to use the material and services in extracurricular clubs, the classroom or home schooling. You may use the service and material for the sole purpose of education of students in cyber security. You agree not to sell the services, material or works directly derived from them.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this Agreement or any associated policy, please contact:

Email: support@joincyberdiscovery.com

Document downloads

You can download the full documents using the below links:

Full EULA (PDF, 131kb)

Privacy Policy (PDF, 68kb)

Cookies Policy (PDF, 65kb)